What is Smile Makeover

What is Smile Makeover?

It is a process where the overall look of the smile is enhanced. There are numerous procedures that are a part of smile designing. We believe in providing the best according to the requirements of our patients. We examine the color, size, shape, and position of the tooth, lips, and gums.

Tooth Colour

Bright is considered to be beautiful. We will match and change the color of the teeth according to the skin tone and also the hair color to best suit your overall look. This can be done by bleaching or veneers.

Tooth Size/Shape

Due to the wear and tear, the teeth start to shorten. To give a younger look, we need longer teeth or more white areas. This can be done by veneers or crowns.

Tooth positioning

Sometimes your teeth tend to grow in the wrong direction. This might lead to crowding or spacing in the teeth. Some teeth might be crooked due to certain reasons. This can be fixed by applying Braces or Aligners.

Absent Tooth

Damage to permanent teeth leads to gaps and missing teeth. This can be corrected by Prosthesis, Implants, or Bridges.

Why should we get a Smile Makeover?

Having a beautiful smile that looks flawless in pictures is the requirement of all individuals of modern times. This procedure will boost your confidence. You will feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Are there any precautions to be taken?

The precaution is different for every type of treatment that you get.

Veneers: Hard food is to avoided while wearing veneers. They need immediate replacement if cracked or broken.

Crowns: Used for the long term, but needs to be replaced after 10-15 years.

Composite bonding: These get stained easily and will need to be replaced if broken.

Implants: A crown needs to be put after 3-4 months. This time period is needed to check for any bone ingrowth.


Is smile makeover expensive?
The cost of a smile makeover is not fixed. It will depend on the number and types of treatments a person requires. Some might need to undergo almost all of them, while some might need only a few.

Can dentists fix really bad teeth?
Any kind of bad teeth can be fixed. There are several procedures that we offer at Dr.Vinisha Pandey Dentistry. We will go through a full dental check-up and then suggest you the best treatment for your problem.