“The best dental care I have ever experienced! Professional, courteous, and friendly nature of the dentist. She is the best in her work. Definitely recommend. Thank you for giving me beautiful smile.”

Komal Mishra

“Dr. Vinisha is one of the best dentists in Kanpur & the most genuine dentist I ever came across. She guides you to the best things and treatments that are beneficial for you. I recently visited her dentistry near Allahabad bank and was positively handled by her.”

Yash Agarwal

“I was worried about my smile as there was space in my teeth. But all thanks to Dr. Vinisha who gave a proper smile to me through cosmetic surgery. I will highly recommend others to visit her. She always take care for fully satisfaction. Thank you so much”

Sonia Lochab

“Dr. Vinisha mam is one of the best and most respected doctor. Her work is really good and the clinic is neat and clean. The best dental care I have ever experienced and she advised you on the best treatments that are beneficial for you.”

Anirban Roy

“I, M.K nigam advocate proud to be vocal about humble and ethically strong doctor dr vinisha pandey .she did my rtc treatment at early covid times. I was bit afraid to go for dental treatment.”

Mitalee Nigam

“Dr. Vinisha always explains the procedure of the treatment before proceeding. This is the best ever thing that I came to know. She is the best dentist in Kanpur as always. Really caring with humble nature towards her patients.”

Fit Me Kanpur

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