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Kids Dentistry

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We have a team of board-certified pediatric dentists trained in treating nervous, anxious, and even children who need special care. Our pediatric dentists have experience dealing with infants, children, and teenagers.

At Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Dentistry, the team's core is to ensure that the child is comfortable during the session. Therefore, we prefer to discuss a child's behavior with the parents before the child visits, especially if a child needs special care. Our team includes the best dentist for kids in Kanpur that quickly mingles well to help the children throughout the session.


Why is Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Dentistry special ?

Our pediatric dentists maintain positivity in the environment and communicate with the child to develop a good rapport. Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Kids Dentistry in Kanpur has four pillars that make us unique.

Child-friendly and warm environment : A warm and friendly environment to make sure that child doesn't come across nervousness or anxiousness the next time they visit Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Dentistry

Child's safety : Dr. Vinisha Pandey's dentistry use sanitized equipment's for child's safety along with hi-tech machinery for smooth treatment.

Basic protective education for children and parents : The team will communicate with the parents and children about the basic protective education for oral healthcare. The parents will also receive guidance on maintaining dental hygiene at home.

Emergency helpline for parents : Though parents will get educated about the basics of oral hygiene, Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Dentistry offers an emergency helpline for parents in case of an emergency. We have the best kids dentist in Kanpur to help you.


Preventive care

It's hard to keep a toddler or child from eating cookies or candies. That's why children are more prone to cavities. Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Dentistry helps your child enjoy a cavity-free childhood. Here, preventive care includes regular checkups, X-Rays, complete examination, and tooth cleaning.



Restorative care

At times cavity may become worse, or the child may get knocked out while playing on the ground. There may be chances that you looked after the child's oral health well, and still, the child ends up getting a severe cavity. That's when the dental restoration process comes into the picture. Our pediatric dentists use dental fillings to protect the broken tooth or tooth decay. To know more about dental fillings, feel free to consult our pediatric dentists.

Dental sealants

Mostly, cavity or tooth decay occurs in the back molars as it may be difficult for children to clean them thoroughly. Therefore, it is crucial to have a timely checkup with your pediatric dentist for dental sealants. Dental sealants can seal any gaps or cracks in the molars to avoid cavities or tooth decay. The pediatric dentists may also suggest dental sealants if your child has weak enamel.



Dental X-Ray for children

As your child's safety is one of our strong pillars, we stand by it all thick and thin. Therefore, we use advanced digital X-rays that minimize the radiation.


Does your child have a missing tooth, many or crowded teeth? These are early signs that your child may need orthodontics. Orthodontics specializes in aligning the teeth straight. Thumb sucking or some accident at an early age may also affect the teeth positioning. If you find such signs in your child, we recommend you to visit Dr.Vinisha Pandey's kids dentistry in Kanpur for help.



Thumb and finger habit therapy

Most children acquire the thumb or pacifier sucking habit. But make sure that your pediatric dentist is aware of it. Such a habit may affect the jaw's alignment, damage the shape of teeth or the face. You may consult our team for information about our thumb and finger habit therapy to break this habit.

Dental emergency

As a parent, you must agree and understand that accidents may occur when handling children, especially if you have become parents for the first time. But not to worry ! Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Dentistry emergency helpline is available. Though our team will educate parents about what to do and what not to do at home in an emergency, if you still need help, we are just a call away.


Infant dental care

Has your infant recently started teething, or is about to start teething? Here's what you need to look after :

Gum care: Before your infant's teeth come out, they start growing within the gums. Therefore, it is important to keep the gums clean to keep them safe from bacteria. Also, make a habit of cleaning the infant's gums with a soft, clean, and wet cloth after feeding.

Teething and choosing the right teething rings : It may be an uncomfortable experience for the baby when your infant is teething. You may give your infant a teething ring to help the infant go through it. But before you purchase a teething ring, make sure it doesn't break the baby's teeth before they come out. Contact Dr.Vinisha Pandey's best pediatric in Kanpur to help you choose the right teething ring for your baby.

Healthy diet to build healthy gums and teeth forming : Your infant's body needs a diet that encourages healthy gums and promotes teeth forming. Initially, feed your baby with breast milk or formula. After six months, you may introduce fruits, water, or solid food. Finally, when the baby starts eating, make sure you give them low-fat dairy products, vegetables, crunchy fruits, etc. Consult with our dentist for kids in Kanpur to know the food you must avoid for your baby.

Safeguarding your home to avoid dental injuries : Falling down the stairs, chewing corners of the furniture or sharp object, and falling from tables are some of the often occurring accidents with babies. But you may prevent these by safeguarding your home. You may add baby gates in front of stairs, remove or shift heavy items from the rooms, use corner bumpers to cover the sharp objects so that baby doesn't chew on them that may damage their gums/teeth.

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