Cosmetic Dentistry in Kanpur

Smile Designing (Cosmetic Dentistry)

A beautiful smile on your face can enhance your overall personality.

If you often get conscious about your smile, give it a makeover at Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Dentistry with smile designing technique.

The compassionate dentists at Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Dentistry will understand your concern and plan treatment as per your need through cosmetic dentistry procedures. These procedures solve broken, chipped, or fractured teeth, discoloration or staining on the teeth, crooked or uneven teeth, cavities and fillings, and excessive gum tissues. Our team can help you choose the most suitable treatment for your sparkling whites.

Below are the types of techniques involved in Smile Designing :

Teeth Whitening : One of the renowned dental cosmetics procedures practiced across the globe is Teeth Whitening. During the procedure, the teeth whitening specialist will initially eliminate plaque, debris, and any other fragments from each of the teeth restoring the natural color. Finally, the specialist will apply a bleaching agent to the teeth to achieve the desired color.

Dental Veneers : Dental Veneers are teeth-colored shells customized by dentists to cover/cap your natural tooth. If you suffer from a crooked or chipped tooth, damaged enamel, gap in the teeth, etc., a veneer is a perfect solution. Don't worry about the look; Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Dentistry dentists give the veneer a realistic look.

Dental Bonding : In dental bonding, dentists bond a tooth-colored material to the tooth. If you have a badly stained or chipped tooth or wish to improve the tooth's appearance, dental bonding can help you achieve the best outcome.

Cosmetic Contouring : Cosmetic contouring is another cosmetic dentistry procedure that enhances your smile. In this procedure, the dentists reshape the tooth and remove enamel, if required. The procedure also improves teeth damage from grinding your teeth. The procedure isn't painful but quick, and the results are stunning.

Teeth Jewelry : Tooth Jewelry is one of the latest ongoing trends to add sparkles to your teeth. The dentist at Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Dentistry decorates your teeth with a sparkling diamond and beautifies your overall personality. You may choose the color and size of any diamonds like sapphire, ruby, etc.

Why choose Smile Designing?

Your smile is the best ornament that you can wear, and if you have the opportunity to design it with the help of a professional dentist at Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Dentistry, then why not? To encourage your for smile designing, here are a few reasons to know why you can choose smile designing

• Brightens your smile

• Boost self-confidence

• Oral health improves

• Long-lasting results

• Freedom from stained teeth

• Painless and compassionate procedures to enhance your smile


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