Teeth Jewelry in Kanpur

Teeth Jewelry

One of the newest trends for smile designing among people is Teeth Jewelry. You can freely choose the type of diamond you want for embellishment. You may choose a sapphire, ruby, crystal or a simple diamond along with the shape, size and color. Initially, you may choose less expensive jewelry and later get it replaced with expensive ones.

To opt for teeth jewelry is an elective decision. If you wish to make a lasting impression on others or are concerned about your looks, a smile with a glittering diamond could be noticeable.

A few most asked queries of people
about tooth jewelry procedure

What is the procedure ?

First, the dentist cleans your tooth with fluoride (A polishing paste). The dentist will allow the paste to get dried and scrap it off. Then, the area to be covered by Jewelis curved on the tooth. The tooth is again rinsed thoroughly and dried. The dentists then apply a bonding agent to the tooth and leave it for approx. 20 seconds. A light composite is applied to the surface that may hold the jewelry. With a jewel handler, the jewelry is pressed onto the center of the composite. Finally, the dentist uses an ultraviolet (UV) curing lamp on the composite to set the Jewel from all sides.

How long does the procedure take? Can it be reversed ?

The procedure hardly takes 10-15 minutes and is certainly painless. Without any hassle, you may get the jewelry reversed or replaced at any point in time.

Can jewelry get stained, or does it require any maintenance ?

The jewelry is stain-resistant and requires no extra maintenance. Also, the jewelry neither obstructs cleaning your teeth nor allows you to maintain oral hygiene. You can continue your regular checkups with your dental hygienist after the procedure.

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