What is RCT

What is RCT?

There is a three-layered structure of the outer portion of the tooth (crown). The tooth decay that is limited to the first 2 layers can be treated by Filling or Restoration. An RCT or Endodontic Treatment is needed when this decay seeps to the third layer and causes swelling. Endodontic Treatment also known as Root Canal Treatment is needed so that teeth removal can be prevented. This procedure involves the following steps:

* The swollen tooth material is removed.

* The area is cleaned and sterilized

* The blank area is filled and then sealed.

* The procedure of restoring is done and then the cap is applied.

Why is Root Canal needed?

This treatment is required when the tooth gets damaged or infected. The reasons of infections could be:

* Gum diseases

* Broken or cracked tooth

* Continuous or bad dental treatment on the same tooth.

In such situation, it is of utmost importance to get your RCT done immediately as:

* This treatment saves the infection from spreading and then we can avoid the extraction of the tooth.

* This procedure eases your pain cased by the swelling.


* The first sign that you feel is toothache. It might be really mild in the beginning but if ignored, the pain will increase to an extent that biting a soft thing will also hurt.

* Sensitivity is another reason that you might need RCT. This is when you feel vibrations in your tooth while consuming something hot or cold.

* When you notice that your gums start swelling, this might be another sign of tooth decay and it might need RCT.

Ignorance & Delaying RCT

* Sometimes the toothache seems to fade away, this does not mean that the tooth has been healed. This clearly indicates that the infections have been spread into the internal nerves.

* The bacteria might cause a pus-filled ulcer in the gums which might cause serious issues like heart diseases.

Stemps for Root Canal treatment

STEP 1: An X-Ray is done to check the intensity of the infection. Local anesthesia will be provided if required.

STEP 2: In the next step, a cavity is made by cleaning any previous filling or infected tooth material. This is done to reach the inner part of the tooth easily.

STEP 3: Now, cleaning, shaping and sterilization of the pulp is done.

STEP 4: This cleaned area is now filled with a rubber like filling called Gutta-Percha.

STEP 5: The last step is re installing of the crown (outer covering). Filling and cementation of the cap is done after the restoration.

Caring of tooth after RCT

* Due to the absence of the crown, putting pressure on the tooth can cause damages.

* Avoid crunchy and hard foods till final restoration. Try to have soft food or liquids.

* Brush your teeth gently. Don't be too harsh on your tooth for some time.

* If any problem occurs, visit your dentist immediately.


Can the infection self-heal?
No, the infections do not self-heal. Tooth infections are more likely to spread to other part of your jaws and require immediate medication or RCT.

Is RCT painless?
Yes, a Root Canal Treatment is totally painless as a dentist will use local anesthesia which will numb the area and you will feel no pain.

How long is the healing process?
It takes only a few days for the pain to fade away due to medication. The tooth will heal soon. The patient might feel a sudden pain when the effects of anesthesia wear off but that will be okay once you start with the medications.

Can the process of RCT get done in one day?
It depends on the seriousness of the infection. Most procedures can be easily completed in a single day.

The dentist might call you for 2-3 sittings in case of back tooth.