What are tooth gems-Pros of Tooth Jewels

What are tooth gems?

Tooth Gems are small Swarovski stones that are glued to your tooth for giving them some shine.

Pros of Tooth Jewels

Gives your smile an instant pump-up as it shimmers all the way. The adhesive with which the stone is stuck on your teeth is very strong and might be made of some components that might damage your tooth in the long run.


How long does a tooth gem stay for?
It stays for about 6-24 months if taken proper care.

Can a tooth gem be removed?
Yes, this procedure can be reversed at any point in time. A dental process needs to be taken place to remove your tooth gem.

Can we brush our teeth with a tooth crystal?
The gem is set properly with the adhesive. Brushing your teeth aggressively or eating sticky food should be avoided.

How much does a Tooth Crystal cost?
There are many qualities of tooth crystals in the market. We provide you a 100% Swarovski crystal for your tooth. The cost will also vary upon the size of the crystal and the position where you want to get it applied.