IvoSmile is an application based on the iPad. The app creates an impression of enhanced reality after the dental makeover. The patient can relate to the result of the aesthetic dental procedure through the app.

The IvoSmile app has three working modes: motivation, planning, and communication. The motivation mode shows how to enhance the patient’s smile in real-time by using the tablet’s front camera as a mirror. With the help of this mode, the patient can choose to go ahead with the procedure positively. The photographs can be modified further to achieve desired results. Further, the patient can engage in detailed planning of their cosmetic makeover with the orthodontist. The desired result of the modified visualization can be shared with the patient, dentist, and dental technician. The IvoSmile app users can share the entire project with other IvoSmile users.

What are the advantages of working with the IvoSmile app for a dentist?

The IvoSmile app can be used easily and requires no additional equipment, like expensive cameras. Also, the dentist can communicate planning details with the patient, the clinic’s team, and the dental technician. IvoSmile will enable users to create a direct link to the final restoration in the upcoming months.