Invisalign treatment is wearing a clear and removable teeth aligner to straighten your teeth. You no longer have to wear those painful brackets and wires and keep yourself away from restrictions with such orthodontic treatment. Invisalign gradually straightens your teeth and is less noticeable than traditional braces.

The aligners are made of a flexible thermoplastic material that is entirely safe and fits your teeth tightly. You must wear aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day and must be replaced every one or two weeks as prescribed by the orthodontist.

Dental problems that Invisalign can correct

Invisalign is suggested by doctors for various dental issues like crowding, spacing between the teeth, protruded upper teeth over lower teeth or overbite, etc. The bite issues may vary from simple to complex; Invisalign treatment ensures to correct such problems.

Pros of Invisalign

Apart from being translucent and less apparent, Invisalign has other pros also. Below are some of the pros of Invisalign:

The clear aligners are easily removable as compared to the traditional braces.

Physically comfortable to wear for all adults and teenagers without causing any cuts or painful nicks in your mouth.

Needs minimal maintenance while in use. You can brush the aligners with a paste of bleach and water. Scrubbing the aligners for a minute will also remove any possible stains and keeps them fresh.

Convenient for the user as you can eat anything by maintaining proper oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene while using aligners keeps you safe from any possible gum diseases.