Hair Treatment in Kanpur

Hair Treatment (Hair PRP Therapy)

If you aren't on any strong medications or are not suffering from any skin disease, losing too much hair is a major concern. Here are some signs to know that you are suffering from hair loss.

Broadening of parted hair : Receding hairline on the forehead in men or broadening of parted hair in women is one of the most common signs of hair loss.

Hair thinning : Some recent physical or mental trauma may cause loosening of your hair. Eventually, loosening of hair may lead to hair loss. You may often lose hair while combing, brushing, or gently moving hands in the hair.

If you are facing these issues, the best you can do to get rid of hair loss is to visit Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Clinic for a solution.

With a team of professionals, Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Clinic uses Hair PRP Therapy to help you overcome the problem of hair loss. Let's find out about this modern technique below how it suppresses hair loss.

A few most asked queries of people about Hair PRP Therapy

What is Hair PRP Therapy ?

In Hair PRP therapy, blood is taken from your body and is centrifuged and is segregated into platelets, plasma, and red blood cells. Then, the platelets from the centrifuged blood are injected back into the affected area of the scalp. The platelets contain growth factors when injected into the area, stimulate the bulge area of the hair follicle, and promote the development of a new hair follicle that results in hair growth or hair restoration and heals the scalp. Further, the doctor performs a micro-needling or a derma roller on the scalp to absorb the growth factors-rich platelets better.

How long will the procedure last ?

The entire procedure may last for approx—60 to 90 minutes.

How many sessions are required to get the desired result ?

The doctors at Dr. Vinisha Pandey's Clinic will be the best person to inform you about the number of sittings a person may require. However, a person must indulge in three to four sittings at an interval of approx. 30 to 45 days to get the desired results.

Is hair PRP therapy safe?

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